Friday, April 22, 2011

Ponder this

There are things in life that does not work out as we had hope for. In most cases, a relationship. Pondering and regretting about it does not even help the situation. In fact it worsens.

Everything that happened, has a reason to it. Whom you know now, and who you knew back then, it's all scripted.

It's not easy letting go of someone you love, but it's easy to spot someone you will click with eventually. So, chin up and cheer up.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Last Goodbye

Unconditonal love, undying sincerity. Faihthfulness towards the very end. It was written for you. For the best moments you had given me, only the best, never an ounce the less.

I was lost when you found me,
My world changed when you took me in,
You showed me what life was to be free,
I only could secretly thank you from within.

Could it be, Could it be,
That God had took you away from me,
I was happy, the way you hold & moulded me,
The happiest in this world having you , beside me.

You were always there for me,
Between all the laughters & tears had agreed.
Faithfulness is what is left in me,
Perhaps that is the only wish in me you need.

Had you felt the same, to leave so switfly,
Being here at that very place we first met,
Perhaps i shall wait for eternity.
Until i finally see you at my very last breath.

-adamkuek- 15 / 01/ 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I would like to wish everyone who so happens to drop by my blog a happy happy new year 2011!!! It may be a full 13 days after new years but who gives a shit right?

May your new year be filled with joyous occassions and happy memories and of cause, to those pretty single ladies out there, do drop me a text msg. 010 409 8898.

I am currently on a hunt for a companion to accompany me through out Chinese New Year. You never know how lonely one can get around those times.

I assure you it's a one off offer and it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Interested chicks who are desperate and dying to be not-single during that time, and who wants a bit of fun and laughter, please consider texting. No harm done.

Stay pretty and healthy.


Adam K.

Monday, November 01, 2010


It has just reached mid-night and i am still wide awake.

It certainly has been a tormenting week for me, due to several issues, affecting me both financially and relationship wise.

Even the weather outside is not favoring me too much as it had started raining like theres no tomorrow. It's raining as if typhoon Megi just passed by. The trees are shaking and huge droplets of rain come splashing against my window.

It just sums up my week to be honest.

My week started off pretty bad, when my world literally came crashing down after my so-called ex decided that we probably had reached the end of the line. Freedom was her main reason excuse. I just don't buy that type of shit anymore.

Just recently, i noticed a considerable amount of change in her ways, thinking and style. It must be down to the people she mixes with either in school or outside. Not good friends indeed. She had been spending time with people whom she should be staying away from but due to her stubborn nature, a little advice from me would actually cause her to throw a tantrum. Very disappointing indeed.

She asked to be given her own space, or in other words, to be left alone to do whatever she wishes. But had she not known, all these while, i am the person who should be asking for it instead of her. I gotta admire her swift response and request for a quick way out without giving me a proper reason.

I honestly feel that she is losing herself. She could not even trust people who are close to her, let alone her family members. That's really a sad thing indeed. If i am her brother or some shit, i would gave her a whack on the head to wake her up. Too bad, i can't. But i would love too.

So, bullshits after bullshits were spewed out. None of it makes sense and i went home extremely agitated by events that unfolded few days later. My questions were not properly answered, and if it had been answered, it wouldn't make any sense at all.

Somehow i took the bullet and accepted things as it was. I've learnt that when it comes to separation, nothing makes sense at all, and if we were to put some sense into it, no one would have asked for a break.

This is not my first time, i could officially close this case as my third time. All i wanted was honesty. Hope she learns from it with an open heart.

- end -

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time changes me

3 years.

Time changes a person. Time changes everything. Their believes, their thoughts, their companions, their friends and their destiny.

3 years was all it took to changed me.

Probably it was too late to regret, but never too late to start afresh.

I certainly do missed the good ol' days hanging out with my mates and do whatever i wanted. Even though 3 years passed which i somehow find myself engaged in a daily exercise or routine to be with that someone, somehow i never forget my friends or those who are close to me.

I had always kept them in my heart.

I hope they shall accept me back as the person i am, not the person i was.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

You left without a reason.

It was better not knowing why.

Somehow you already had took a long while,

To end with such a decision.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Peekabo ... i See you!

Our worst fears finally materialized. My current workplace is offering every workers a chance to demonstrate how well they could perform their duties under the watchful eye of security cameras.

Not only are they trying to rip our privacy to shreds, they are now attempting to take it up another level by installing cameras at the pantry.

I understand their main concerns about our dietary habits, but then i can see no other reason for doing so aside from monitoring our movements, as some of our female colleagues tend to LINGER / LOITER around the pantry in the morning.

Professionally, i do not agree with the setting up of CCTVs in the office. It's such a shame that my beloved company had stoop so low that they do not even trust their fellow workers.

Who are they monitoring and why is there a need to incur more money on such costly wastage?

Personally, i am giving them the two thumbs up plus a royale middle finger salute for encroaching the privacy of our fellow workers. I don't feel work efficiency shall increase as a result of this.

I suggest the management to reconsider their panel of decision makers because it seems that they are doing things right financially but they lack that common sense when it comes to dealing with their employees.

It's a rude assessment of their capabilities when it comes to dealing with their employees but in order for a company to move forward, they have to stop doing things backward.

Installing CCTVS to monitor your workers is an added stress to your fellow workers, and stressful workers does not work as efficiently as you think they might.

Friends or Foes

It has been a long long while since i last wrote something and of cause even longer since i last visited facebook.

As i went through my friend's status, i realized that one of my colleagues had actually remove me from her friends list.

It did not surprise me at first, because of the misapprehension between me and ...her. I have always been very cautious of engaging in any sorts of friendship especially among co workers, but then never did i envision that she would actually remove me from her friends list.

This truly shows how depress, mad and uptight she was about me. I had certainly did something that really got on her nerves.

My friends used to tell me that silence is the best medicine, but i am starting to wonder whether their "useful" advice needs a little tweaking yet?

It all started over some tiny matter which to me is tiny, but to her it was probably the biggest deal in the world. Things got a little bit out of hand in between then and in an instance, we were not on talking terms.

I admit that i did not bother to apologize because i felt that i had done nothing wrong. It's not about not being able to be a gentleman. It was about being a MAN and standing up to what i believe in.

And i believe in being not apologetic. But to her, apologizing in front of her and her fellow friends is the right way to get EVEN with me.

Girl, i like you as a person and as a friend, but you have pushed that too far. It aint gonna happen. I made my decisions and probably you did not see it coming.

All i wanted to say was Sorry for making you mad. But never did i intend on saying sorry to everyone around you?

Please, if you so happen to browse through my blog and somehow you have a feeling i am writing about you, please do not be alarmed. Yes, this is for you and yes i know you are still mad at me and yes have you ever ask why you are still mad at me?

Most probably you knew it earlier than i did.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pregnant Ladies Craving

Cock-Meat Rice is the new craving!!!

I just overheard something which I deemed worth sharing.

My friend has a friend whose wife is currently in her pregnancy stage. So, there’s a time where they would be craving for all sorts of food. Spicy , Sour and etc.

This friend of mine told me that she has this weird preference for rice that has the scent of her husband’s reproductive system.

I am traumatized by this. No words could best describe how I feel right now.

As of dinner tonight, her husband will be rubbing his family crown jewels and golden scepter with warm rice.


I never knew there’s such a craving?

Pregnant ladies. Please enlightened me a bit here. What is your craving?

Bad Working Environment - Session 2

Bad Working Environment – The Chatterbox

I have extremely talkative colleagues. They tend to talk and talk and talk to you about everything that is under the damn roof for as long as you can remember.

Studies had shown that office chatter by talkative employees has emerged as the biggest distraction at work. Worse than pornographic web surfing, smoking breaks and er….**office romance ( **which I may / might had or is accounted for).

I believe that every single company you worked in faces the same situation. If there’s one company that guarantees you absolute 0% office politics, that company is lying.

It’s sickening enough to get up from bed early in the morning to know that you are in for another day of un-appreciated office gossips and rumors and I am swollen with pride to admit that I’ve been caught in awkward situations that require me to choose sides.

That is certainly not something that I enjoy doing.

Anyways, today I am going to share about the lady who’s in her 40’s who constantly bombards me with her tittle-tattle about each and every ones wrong doing or sort of.

Fresh from dying her hair sparkling red since the beginning of this Chinese New Year, she has rose from some unknown to super stardom in this office. The mere mention of her name sends chills to everyone’s spine. It really is that bad.

I used to like her as a colleague for her irrational sudden outburst but then I kinda got bored of it and her continuous harassing of other people’s privacy is leaving a sour note.

She would often get into a fight over small matters; Most of the time due to jealousy over food? LV bags? Perfumes? Branded goods? Parking Lots? Salaries? Paychecks? Phone calls and Oh, the way other ladies dressed just to name a few.

I do not know what other things / creatures that DOES NOT ticks her off at this moment of time. Psychiatrist Hello? Anyone??

Just recently, she got into a very huge quarrel with one of our fellow colleagues over a car ride to a hotel. We were supposed to be attending a short talk at this hotel and we decided the most economical way of going is via a car pool.

She totally bought the idea of a carpool but however was not impressed with a certain passenger onboard due to the earlier disagreement over some insignificant matter. Over a parking space if my memory does not fail me.

So it started with a phone call with both ended up yelling profanities at each other ( in the office ). Luckily there were no fists coming out from them but a hell lot of saliva was spewed out.

Coming to think about it, I think it’s hilarious for both ladies who had reach their 40’s still bickering over a 6 x 6 parking lot.

None of them wanted to parked at the much sought after parking lot ever since. I do not know why but I eventually had the last laugh and ended up slotting my vehicle there.

Well, I just can’t comprehend why certain people tend to get so riled up over tiny matters. All this backbiting is just laughable. Oh and I decided not to mentioned about the red haired parrot throwing a tantrum over what she thought that she was not given a fair share of a birthday cake a few days back.

Some people are just simply amazing.

I think I am starting to have this immunity towards ladies who constantly gossip and nags. Thanks to Miss 40 years old here and there.